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Types of texts translated


Literary Fiction  

Literary translations are a particular type of translation service. Our translators working in this field have all the necessary qualifications, such as an excellent command of the source and target languages, a sense of style and, last but not least, literary talent. The translator must fully “grasp” the work’s atmosphere, preserve the artistic aspect of the translation and capture the author’s intention in the target language.


We provide translations of business letters (invitation, quotation, inquiry, reply to a quotation or inquiry, order, request, reminder, complaint), letters written by individuals to legal entities and institutions, official letters, cover letters, personal letters, etc.

Medical device documentation and manuals

We provide translations of documentation and instructions for any instruments, devices, equipment or other articles used for diagnosis, monitoring, treatment, compensation for injuries or physical disabilities, examination of body parts, rehabilitation, etc. These include, for example, X-ray machines, magnetic resonance imaging machines, tomography machines, pH meters, thermometers, separation techniques, spectrophotometers, genetic analysis machines, physical and chemical measuring machines, electrophysiological measuring machines (ECG, EEG), audiological machines, endoscopes, tonometers, radiotherapy machines, ultrasound or laser therapy machines, surgical lamps, robotic devices, organ replacement and support machines, etc.

Diplomas and certificates

We translate university diplomas, diplomas attesting to various specialisations, diplomas attesting to lifelong learning, professional certificates, revision certificates, medical certificates, veterinary certificates, technical certificates, shipping certificates, air operator’s certificates, certificates of origin, pharmaceutical certificates, lawyer’s certificates, instructor’s certificates, professional and trade certificates, quality certificates, professional certificates, manufacturer’s certificates, etc.

Pharmaceutical studies

We provide translations of studies relating to the pharmaceutical sector, i.e. research, production, distribution, storage and dispensing of medicines to patients. We translate texts on pharmaceutical disciplines such as pharmacology (the effects of drugs), pharmaceutical technology (the production and preparation of drugs), pharmacognosy (drugs of natural origin), pharmaceutical control (quality control of drugs), pharmaceutical chemistry (the relationship between the chemical structure of drugs and their effects), social pharmacy (the functioning of pharmacy and its place in society).


In the case of song lyrics, the translator understands that it is necessary to understand the author’s overall meaning and the context and, last but not least, the author’s personality, specific information from their life, etc.

Patient information and questionnaires 

We provide translation of patient information, which is an essential communication between the physician and the patient and can also be used to instruct the patient, for example, in the case of follow-up education of patients after a severe illness such as a heart attack, etc. We translate patient satisfaction questionnaires, admission questionnaires, genetic questionnaires, gynaecological and obstetric questionnaires, patient needs assessment questionnaires, etc.

Clinical studies and research

We translate clinical trials and research conducted by pharmaceutical companies that have to test their drugs in several phases of clinical trials under the supervision of regulatory bodies before they can be marketed.

Clinical protocols

We provide translations of clinical protocols, i.e. descriptions of optimal approaches to the care of patients with specific diagnoses and conditions, based on clinical trials conducted to identify weaknesses in certain processes and provide optimal medical solutions.


We translate business correspondence (invitation, quotation, enquiry, reply to quotation or enquiry, order, request, reminder, complaint), letters written by individuals to legal entities and institutions, official letters, cover letters, personal letters, etc.

Medical reports and documents

We translate medical reports, including records of diagnoses, anamnesis, laboratory results or special examinations. We also provide translations of medical documentation such as medical health records (information relating to the provision of health care), nursing health records (information relating to the provision of nursing care) or operational records (information documenting the operation of the business), as well as translations of other types of documentation such as medical records, radiological reports, nursing records, etc.

Website localisation

A solid web presence is essential for the success of companies that want to focus their activities not only on the Czech market but also on attracting foreign clients. Text and website localisation is a particular type of translation that considers the target language’s conventions. The text and graphics of the source websites are translated into the target languages so that their content meets the requirements and expectations of potential target customers. If you plan to launch your website in another language, our team of experienced translators is at your disposal.

Manuals, guides, tutorials

We translate manuals, guides and instructions, such as user or operating manuals, manuals for creating and implementing quality standards, installation manuals, etc.

Newspaper articles

The basic principle when translating newspaper articles is maintaining the same communication format and clarity for the reader. For example, a headline containing condensed information requires a compact and functional translation. While general articles need a precise yet functional translation, specialised articles such as information on economics and business, engineering, medicine or IT and telecommunications would require the translator to have specialist knowledge in these fields.

Business Correspondence

We can translate business letters (invitation, offer, enquiry, reply to offer or enquiry, order, request, reminder, complaint), contracts, correspondence, shipping, insurance and customs documents, annual and audit reports, management contracts, mandate agreements, executive contracts, founder’s contracts, non-compete clauses, audit agreements, purchase agreements, insurance contracts, commercial agency contracts, contracts for the sale of a business, shipping contracts, brokerage contracts, etc.

Marriage certificates

We translate registry office documents - marriage certificates issued by the registry office. We can also provide certified translations.


We translate occupational certificates, inspection certificates, medical certificates, veterinary certificates, roadworthiness certificates, shipping certificates, air operator’s licences, certificates of origin of goods, pharmaceutical certificates, lawyer’s certificates, instructor’s certificates, professional and trade certificates, quality certificates, professional certificates, manufacturer’s certificates of competence, etc.

Medical patents

We provide translations of industrially applicable inventions in medicine, such as molecular and cellular biology, molecular embryology and pharmacology, neurophysiology, neurochemistry, neuropathology, neuropharmacology, genotoxicology, etc.

Passports and identity cards

We translate travel documents such as passports - travel documents of an individual used to enter other countries, service passports, diplomatic passports, EU replacement passports or other travel documents based on an international treaty. We can also provide certified translations.


Poetry translations are a special type of translation. In particular, our translators are always very familiar with the language from which the poetry is being translated, aware that a poetic text always has several positions or levels of understanding and that they must be aware of the many connotations of the original text. They will also master the basics of versification, examining the text’s overall structure and building the poem’s final construction according to its various functions.


We translate minutes of official meetings, e.g., in court, at administrative or financial offices, at the police station, etc.

Birth certificates

We translate registry office documents - birth certificates issued by the registry office. We can also provide certified translations.

Contracts and agreements

We translate employment contracts, service agreements, service contracts, management agreements, mandate agreements, executive agreements, founder’s agreements, competition clauses, audit agreements, purchase agreements, insurance policies, deposit or current account agreements, credit agreements, commercial agency agreements, sale of business agreements, shipping agreements, gift agreements, lease agreements, advertising agreements, copyright agreements, sponsorship agreements, licence agreements, mortgage agreements, brokerage agreements, etc.

Specific topics

We translate specific topics such as intercultural training, ISO quality management system training, HSE and FP training, crisis management, business process improvement, soft skills training, topics specific to the social sector, government and public administration, etc.

Technological procedures

We provide professional translations of technology procedures, manuals and instructions essential for successful technology implementation. Our pool of translators will ensure the accuracy of the documents required.

Television, film and video

We provide translations of television programmes, movies and videos; our translators begin each translation after thoroughly analysing the region from which the audiovisual material originates. It is essential to maintain geographical, cultural and socio-cultural connotations and understand the country’s peculiarities.

Death certificates

We provide translations of civil registry documents - death certificates issued by the civil registry office. We can also provide certified translations.

Scientific work

We translate professional or scientific papers and dissertations that aim to summarise and describe theoretical approaches, enrich the theory with additional theoretical knowledge, create a methodological tool, etc.

Extracts from criminal records

We provide translations of extracts from criminal records, which list all convictions that have not yet been expunged, including information on the execution of sentences and protective measures imposed where the offender is not considered to have been convicted under the law. We can also provide certified translations.


We translate certificates such as primary and secondary school certificates, elementary school certificates and certificates of completion of elementary education, final examination certificates and teaching credentials, school leaving certificates, graduation certificates and conservatory graduation certificates, graduation certificates and higher vocational school graduation certificates, state language examination certificates, primary art school certificates, etc.

Curriculum vitae

We translate (plus provide follow-up accuracy check of the correct form of the documents) professionally structured CVs, which usually contain personal data (contact details such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail), information on education (in particular, years spent at school and university, name of school and field of study), information on work experience (names of companies and positions and job descriptions), information on fundamental knowledge and other experience, skills and abilities.

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